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Chi-Yun Cheng

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Chi-Yun Cheng is a Taiwanese digital artist who makes arts that engage the public with culture and education. Much of the inspirations are from personal tales, cultures, and legacies around the world. Influenced by cartoons and animations, Cheng strives to make the world a better place with humor and empathy.

After earning a Bachelor's degree in Italian Language and Culture at the Fu-Jen University in Taiwan, she received a  Interactive Art and Design certificate from Pasadena City College, CA.

Cheng is currently pursuing a master's degree in Museology at the University of Washington. 

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Search your muse today.

Musearch is a museum-finding app prototype that recommends a particular museum that serves users' interests and needs. 

Test the clickable prototype HERE

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Class Projects

High Fidelity App Prototype

museum stamp.png

Museum Stamp Collector

Public Engagement

Museum Stamp Collector is an app that aims to increase visitor's engagement in museums. The app encourages visitors to learn by generating short routes according to users' preferences (areas or art movement). Each journey is designed to learn about one artist in the museum. After completion of each route, visitors will earn a stamp as a reward.

museum detective.png

Museum Detective

Decolonizing museums

Museum Detective is an app that aims to increase public awareness of decolonization. Aside from traditional visual analysis, the app engaged visitors to learn through the multi-sensory experience. Visitors become detectives in museums, who will evaluate clues given from the app and submit the answers they have through their reasoning. By using the app, visitors not only will be more engaged with the items on display but also will learn about how the objects move around the world.

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The Race at the Great Wall

One day in Rome

The Uffizi Gallery

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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

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